Solar Heater Installation

Solar Heater Installation

To prepare for installation, our team will require the following information:
  1. Name.
  2. Mobile Number.
  3. Email Address.
  4. House Address / Installation Location.
  5. Photo / Video of the surrounding area (If necessary an assessment team will be send to assess the location).
  6. Product that you want to install.
After our team got the necessary information, a team and crane will be arranged for the installation.
Crane is a third party service that Water Hippo will arrange for the installation by default. However, you are always welcome to arrange your own crane for installation.
During the day of installation, the whole installation proceed should take around 3 hours. The typical S-TEC installation process will be as follow:
  1. When the team arrive with the S-TEC solar heater.
  2. The team will brief you on the job they will be carried out.
  3. The team will dismantle the current/old solar heater (For solar heater replacement).
  4. The team will install the bracket that hold the S-TEC solar heater in place.
  5. The team will load the solar heater to the crane and lift it to the desire location.
  6. The team will install the solar heater and connect the piping together.
  7. The team will fill up the S-TEC and make sure it is in working order.
  8. The team will then take photo of the installation for you to refer to.
  9. The team will clean up the surrounding area before asking for a signature and leave the area.
In order to test solar heater, the location should have:
  1. Water supply source not more than 2 meter away from the desire installation location.
  2. Electrical supply not more than 2 meter away from the desire installation location.
If one of more of the requirement is not meet, please inform our team so that we can be better prepare.

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