Service Solar Heater

Service Solar Heater

How to preserve the lifespan of your solar heater?

      To understand how to prolong the lifespan of the solar heater, you first have to understand the factor that might wear out your solar heater.

Factor affecting the lifespan of solar heater
Way for prevention
High operating pressure
Changing pressure temperature valve
Sedimentation  in solar heater
Flush out sediment inside the solar heater
High chlorine concentration in solar heater
Add active carbon filter before solar heater
High total dissolve solids
Add water filter before the solar heater
Low pH
Neutralize water to 7pH

  1. Solar heater operating pressure should be maintained below 6 bar, we recommend the solar heater inlet pressure to be lower than 3 bars as pressure will increase when the water is heated up. Changing pressure temperature valve (700kpa) every 3 years will ensure your heater release excessive pressure.
  2. Sedimentation can be cause by unfiltered water getting into the solar heater. When small eroded particle get into the solar heater, it will slowly start to corrode the solar heater and slowly build up the sediment at the bottom of the solar heater tank. Those sediment located at the bottom of the tank future increase the corrosion rate on the solar heater. To avoid sedimentation, you may install a filter before the solar heater, also remember to wash/backwash the filter. In addition, flushing the tank every 3 years also help to remove the sediment that was already inside the tank.
  3. High chlorine water is highly corrosive torward all kind of metal, we recommend talking to you local water supplier if you encounter unusual high chlorine in your water. In addition you may also add an active carbon filter before the solar heater and change the media every year to maintain the chlorine level.

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