Solar heater trip ELCB/RCCB/RCD when switching on

Solar heater trip ELCB/RCD when switching on

Your solar heater is connected to a booster switch that you may switch on due to not enough hot water.

Sometime, when the user switch on the booster switch, the whole house and/or the whole floor electricity might cut off. This electrical cutoff might be due to faulty heating element and a replacement of the coil might be needed.

Booster switch is a switch that supply heating element with electricity in order to heat up the water. We recommend to switch it off unless there is not enough hot water.

Troubleshooting guide:

  1. Switch off the solar heater booster switch. 
  2. Switch on the ELCB/RCD fuse inside the fuse box.
  3. Switch on the solar heater booster switch again.
  4. If it trip instantly, there is a high possibility that the heater element have become faulty and a replacement is needed.
  5. If it only trip after a few minute, it might be an electrical issue, please contact an electrician to check on the electricity. 
  6. Please switch off the solar heater booster switch until the issue was resolved.

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